Bella Freud's eponymous and instantly recognisable label has come to signify an intellectual playfulness, recognised for its upmarket irreverence. Bella is a storyteller who uses design as her vehicle. Controversy and innovation are hardwired into her DNA: the artistic trailblasing of her father, the artist Lucian, the psychoanalytic pioneering of her great grandfather Sigmund, are subtly woven through her work.

Bella’s designs and Word Jumpers have gained a devoted following. They are the embodiment of her preoccupation with appropriating serious ideas about the subconscious into a playful fashion context.

By combining Bella Freud's love of interiors and homeware the brand has expanded to include a range of lifestyle products including cushions, blankets and rugs. Bella Freud launched her parfum business in 2012 which has grown to include a large collection of candles, perfumes and diffusers.

The launch of her first stand-alone boutique in 2015, in London’s Chiltern Street, has seen her knitwear, tailored suits, subversively demure dresses, parfums and homeware gain a cult following.

Bella was born in London and studied in Rome. After training with Vivienne Westwood, she launched her label in 1990.